“Zeja products are a delicious investment for your skin! I think the best thing is, they really do what they describe. Add to that being locally made with beautiful organic ingredients, they always feel like a treat to use- it’s hard to find better.
I have tried various brands and brews over time for my sensitive & dry skin. The Zeja products honestly keep my skin feeling the most hydrated, smooth and soft of all.

Over more than 5 years I’ve tried many of Nicqui’s products. My favourites are the Avocado & Carrot Face plant day creme and the Hemp/Yuzu cleansing oil.

Absolutely recommend & urge you to try if you haven’t already.”

Emma R

"Hello, I’m a 58 year old woman, who really isn’t bothered about aging. However, what I am bothered about, is aging gracefully with integrity. As such, I take good care of my skin, using only natural products, made here in NZ.

Zeja Botanicals encompass all and every aspect of my ethos around my skincare routine. New Zealand made (Nelson), with beautifully curated oils combined with symbiotic ingredients, and a focus on being kind to our planet.

Recently, I began using the Hydrosol in combination with the Lotus Love Beauty Face oil.
The treatment is light, not oily at all. Massages in very easily without any residue, leaving my face and neck feeling hydrated and fresh. Together they create an incredible fragrance. My skin has never felt better. No patchy areas of dryness, with the return of almost full elasticity.

Thanks Nicqui, I truly believe if Mother Nature required a range of skincare products, she would be placing an order with Zeja.

Jax Hamilton, Celebrity Chef


Thank you Zeja for many years of beautiful products. I think I have been dedicated to Zeja products for about seven years. Skin salvation is our family go to miracle cream, from grazes to scars to dry skin, it works wonders. The day and moisturising creme clearly work miracles as I am often thought to be younger than I am.

I also use the oil as a cleanser, as a night creme and on my neck. The scent is soothing and welcoming. The hydrating mist is a must have in summer or when staying in places with aircon,such as Hotels and aeroplanes (or cruise ships! ) I absolutely love that there's no concern about nasty chemicals. Zeja loves my skin and my skin loves Zeja!!”

Rebeka Kelsen (mother and grandmother)

"I have been using Zeja's natural skin products for over 5 years now and I must say, I have been thoroughly impressed. The quality of her products are exceptional, and I love knowing that they're made with natural ingredients. After using Zeja’s skincare line for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin's texture and appearance.

Not only does Zeja’s products work wonders, but they also smell amazing and feel luxurious on the skin. I love that and I highly recommend Zeja's natural skin products to anyone looking for effective and natural skincare solutions." The service is fast and the products are well-priced.”

Erika M

I’ve only used natural products for many years now & i have been buying from Zeja Botanicals for the last 6. Totally love & trust the products, especially because they are made in small batchs with such knowledge, passion & love by Nicqui. Avocado Face Plant & Intensive Face Plant have been my staples but I recently started using the Lotus Love Facial Oil. So hydrating & the feel & fragrance is divine!

Skin Salvation is great for niggly skin irritations & Body Melt is nectar for my arms & legs. Basically, I’d highly recommend All of the Zeja Products.”

Di D

I have been using the intense face plant for nearly 5 years now. In my 50s, with all the challenges of keeping my skin moisturised, supple and glowing, this product does it all! I get complements on my skin and wouldn’t be without it. Nicqui is amazing and quick to respond to orders - amazing product that I wouldn’t be without.”


I’ve been using Zeja products for over three years and won’t use anything else on my skin. I love all the products and especially love the NZ Rose and manuka spray, avocado face plant and Lotus Love oil. Even my teenage son loves his (after shave) My best days start and end with Zeja! I love that Zeja products are all natural and made locally. And they smell and feel divine!”

Nadia H


I absolutely love the Zeja skincare range. I start my day with the Rose & Mamaku facial mist and the gorgeous Lotus Love Oil and it makes me feet so good! I love that all the products are made for 100% natural ingredients, and they are great for my skin. I have been a big fan for many years! Thank you Nicqui.”


“I have been using Zeja products for about four years. I love the range of products and how Nicqui so beautifully includes the very unique essence of herself! My skin feels nourished and well hydrated. Recently at an annual skin check my doctor remarked on my well nourished skin. Thank you so much Nicqui, your customer care service is second to none.”

Anne O

“I have been using Zeja products for many years now and still love it. My skin can be sensitive and knowing that what I put on my face is natural makes me feel better. It's light, and a little goes a long way. Have and would continue to recommend to anyone.”

Kat S

“I've been using Zeja's Intense Face Plant morning and night for 2 years and it's so hydrating. I love the wonderful (but subtle) fragrance and it's natural ingredients.”


“I have been using Zeja products for a few years now and love the delicious scents of the products and the yummo feel on my skin. I just enjoyed a relaxing bath last night with the Bliss bath salts and then had the pleasure of using my favourite nourishing Zeja moisturisers on my face and body afterwards. So good and hydrating  helps to bring one into the simple, beautiful moments in life.”



I have been using Zeja Botanicals for the past 6 years when I became fed up with paying huge prices for brand named skin care that didn't seem to do me much good! With Zeja I have found that it really FEEDS my skin - I can almost feel it thanking me when I use the day creme (avocado - yummmmm!) and the Intense Face Plant at night. It is an absolute joy to feed the skin with healthy ingredients - ones you could probably eat! It has kept my dry, over exposed, menopausal skin in such good condition, and I would even say has REVERSED some of the effects of my past and present! THANK YOU ZEJA - I will NEVER look back!!!!”

Sue N


Zeja Botanicals products are so great - I love that they are local, natural and with ethical packaging. I have been using them for years and find them such good value as you only need a wee bit. If I run out, pop some money in the bank account and it’s delivered to my mailbox by hand by Nicqui as she’s out walking the dog.”

Rose B