Why Water Free

Waste Less, Buy Less, Preservative-Less: The Zeja Promise

At Zeja, we're committed to revolutionizing skincare with our water-free formulations, designed to minimize waste and maximize efficacy. Our concentrated formulas mean you'll need less product per application, resulting in less packaging waste and transportation.

By choosing Zeja, you are investing in your skin's health but your future.

Our water-free ethos means our products deliver higher doses of hydrating and healing botanicals, ensuring your skin receives the FULL nutritional benefits with every use.

Unlike traditional skincare products that rely heavily on water as a filler, emulsifiers as a binder and preservatives for longevity, Zeja formulations are free from nasties and retain their potency and freshness naturally for longer, allowing you to buy less and waste less over time. WINNER!

Our anhydrous, preservative-less formulations are a game-changer. Without water to facilitate microbial growth, our skincare is stripped down to its purest form, free from nasties and full of nature's goodness.

Discover the beauty of water-free skincare with Zeja – where sustainability meets effectiveness, and simplicity reigns supreme. Experience the difference for yourself and join us on the journey…

Nourishing Mind, Soul & Skin