About Zeja

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ - Leonardo de Vinci

My name is Nicqui KurZeja, the founder of Zeja. (The Z is pronounced like the S in treasure: a treasure for your skin it is and the J like a Y)

Zeja is a piece of my heart, a decade+ long story rooted in a journey of resilience and love, blended with the essence and power of nature.  

Zeja is rooted in honesty, with the depths of nature, chemistry and creativity bringing you our distinctive approach to 100% authentic natural skincare.

Experience the elegance of simplicity as Zeja guides you on a journey back to your skin's natural splendour.

Zeja’s dedication to natural authenticity goes beyond skincare, embodying a philosophy of honesty, integrity and respect. Each of our 100% natural formulations is a commitment to respecting our planets resources by using local ethical, effective ingredients when we can, in refillable and recyclable packaging.

After many hours of research, development and sampling, it was clear to me that paying more for ‘a snake oil’ with up to 90% water, emulsifiers & preservatives did not make sense to me. With Zeja skincare every molecule is natural, beneficial, honest, safe, and effective - lasting up to 6-8 times longer than water-based formulations.

Zeja is about rituals, creating space and time to rest. Drawing from a background in psychology, my hope is for Zeja to inspire my customers to embrace a holistic connection between inner and outer well-being. To nurture the connection of mind and body, nature. The balance of breath, love, and happiness.

My ‘natural’ Journey really began before 2006 whilst trying to get pregnant and switching to everything ‘clean & green’ after being diagnosed ‘infertile. Then in 2013, when my beautiful daughter was three, I had a terrible fall down some steep stairs. An accident that not only marked my face (‘2.5 cm laceration due to’ Face Plant’, ACC), but also my life, as I embarked on a journey of to soak up as much knowledge about skin, natural ingredients and creating skincare formulations as I could. Very soon after, my hero product, Intense Face Plant was born from the desire to create a scar reducing, natural, nourishing and intensely healing crème. Next up was Skin Salvation with Kawakawa, to soothe my baby’s eczema. The Zeja range continued to blossom organically from there.

Join me on a journey to discover and embrace the genuine, potent, stylish, and sometimes cheeky spirit of Zeja, Connecting & Nourishing Skin