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Zeja Botanicals

Angel Dust Exfoliant Masque

Angel Dust Exfoliant Masque

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Masque - Refine and Reveal 100g

You won't believe the difference the truly angelic exfoliant can transform your skin from ageing bumpy and blotchy to youthful, super smooth and clear.


For a deep cleanse and refresh our super fine Angel Dust exfoliant will reveal silky smooth, refined and renewed skin. Follow with Rose & Mamaku Mist for super-soaked hydration!


  • Gently tap 1-2 pea sizes into your palm
  • Add 1 drop of HEMP & YUZU OIL CLEANSER or water to blend to a paste
  • Gently and slowly rub in circular motions around your face avoiding the gentle eye area.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Rejoice in smooth-skin heaven!!
  • Can be used as a full face masque or spot blemish buster! (repeat the above, dot & leave on the spot for up to 30 mins or overnight). It will draw out impurities leaving clear skin.


  • Gently tap 1-2 pea sizes into your palm
  • Add 1-2 drops of water or hemp seed & yuzu cleansing oil and blend to a paste & gently rub in soft circular motions around your face, nose chin crevices, and avoid the fragile eye area. Rinse off with warm water and a clean cloth. Rejoice in smooth-skin heaven!!
  • Use 1 T mixed with a drop or two of water as a gorgeous masque while you bathe (Tip: Add a few drops of Hemp & Yuzu to your bath)
  • Mix a pea size to a paste and dab onto the first signs or feelings of acne – overnight is best!

Nourishing Skin & Soul

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