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Intense Face Plant

Intense Face Plant

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Intense Face Plant”

Illuminating and representing “Zeja Botanicals” is our outstanding, natural, nourishing, organic ‘hero’ product “Intense Face Plant” hand made and created in Mapua near Nelson in New Zealand.

This product includes organic ingredients ( high in super antioxidants) known for their incredible rehydrating, plumping and softening qualities. Particularly essential for anti-aging may minimise fine lines, wrinkles, even out skin tone giving smoother skin, excellent for reducing scars.

Multifunctional Use sparingly and lightly dab, in upward motions around the eye sockets, frown lines, forehead, marionette lines, neck, décolletage and conditioning for brows amazing on lips. This multi-functional moisturiser can be used both day and night. 

With all organic NZ avocado oil, rosehip, Camelia,  Shea, macadamia, Argan, carrot, sweet almond, NZ beeswax.


 Rehydrating  Plumping  SofteningHigh in Antioxidants  Anti-Aging,  May Minimise Fine Lines, Wrinkles,  Scars,  Even Out Skin Tone Smoother Skin WHERE?  Eye sockets  Laughter lines  Frown lines  Forehead  Marionette lines,  Neck  Décolletage conditioning for brows

*last approximately 4 times longer than your average facial products because they don't contain water or fillers.

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