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Saving Face

Saving Face

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SAVING FACE 50ml Subtle Citrus Spice- Shaving/Beard/Face Oil 

"Saving Face 50ml Subtle Citrus Spice Shaving/Beard/Face Oil" is a multi-purpose grooming solution meticulously crafted to elevate your daily shaving or beard care routine. Infused with a captivating blend of subtle citrus notes and invigorating spices, this luxurious oil is designed to nourish your skin and tame unruly facial hair, leaving you with a refreshed, well-groomed appearance.

  • Facilitates a smooth, irritation-free shave
  • Doubles as a conditioning beard oil and hydrating facial moisturizer
  • Formulated with premium natural ingredients, including hydrating oils
  • Lightweight texture absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Leaves no greasy residue, ensuring a comfortable feel
  • Promises a rejuvenating experience, leaving skin soft, supple, and impeccably groomed


Pre-Shave Preparation: Prior to shaving, cleanse your face with warm water to open up the pores and soften the facial hair. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Dispense Oil: Shake the bottle of Saving Face well to ensure uniform distribution of the ingredients. Dispense a small amount of oil onto your fingertips or palms, depending on the desired coverage.

Apply to Skin: Gently massage the oil onto the areas of your face you intend to shave. Ensure even coverage, focusing on areas with dense facial hair or areas prone to irritation. Allow the oil to penetrate the skin for a few moments to soften the hair follicles and prepare the skin for shaving.

Shaving: Proceed with your preferred shaving method, whether it be traditional wet shaving with a razor or electric shaving. The oil will provide a smooth glide for the razor, reducing friction and minimizing the risk of nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Post-Shave Hydration: After shaving, if desired, apply a small amount of Saving Face Oil to the freshly shaved areas to soothe and moisturize the skin. Massage gently until fully absorbed.

Beard Conditioning: For those maintaining a beard, dispense a few drops of Saving Face Oil onto your fingertips and massage it into your beard, ensuring even distribution. This will help soften and tame unruly facial hair while moisturizing the underlying skin.

Facial Moisturizer: As a daily skincare routine, apply a small amount of Saving Face Oil to clean, dry skin after cleansing. Massage gently until fully absorbed to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Storage: Store the bottle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the quality of the product. Close the cap tightly after each use to prevent oxidation and maintain freshness.

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